Sunday, September 25, 2011

change is good...

change is good... so i'm changing up this blog *(while it is still new and the whole world isn't following it...)
so check out my new one.
it documents stills [photographs i've taken] and stories [mainly mine]

hope ya enjoy!

Friday, September 23, 2011

patience is a virtue...

and i'm not always sure i have it. I keep walking by 625 portage ave. and see this lovely building slowly being transformed. The first few weeks there was newspaper plastered on the windows i assumed there were a group of miscreants inevitably doing something illegal. now i see that i'm horribly wrong and i'm excited for what looks like a coffeehouse to be opening. i'm not 100% sure who pop soda is or why they have a coffeehouse mixed with a gallery... but i'm exited to see what it's all about. i just wish it was already the 27th *(but i'll take a weekend in exchange!!!). until then i guess i will slowly be learning this thing called patience. 
check out their info: Pop Soda's Coffeehouse Gallery

Friday, September 16, 2011

Criminal Record Checks and Twitter...

last week when posting about my 1h down town adventure in winnipeg i wrote about the joys *(and financial burdens) of having a tims on campus at red river college.
this week i had the pleasure of vising 151 princess, which is the public safety building... ie. i visited the cops. it wasn't that i was arriving in handcuffs; i was there to fill out a criminal record check so i could apply for a voluntering/ government grant *(so i can maybe get money for groceries because i spent it all on coffee already). so here are the details...

this weeks hour break: getting a criminal record check
location: 151 princess *(conveniently located right across from my school... a coincidence? i think not!)
why there: it's the only place you can get one done in the city.
budget: who knows... so i brought my credit card :)
spent: $32.50
point of interest: i sat in lines, i filled out forms, i left having spent money, on something that will arrive in hopefully 3-4 weeks.
thoughts and feelings: while sitting in line i began to ponder the meaning of life... and more importantly twitter *(because i had just come from my pr class where we were using it). when twitter first came out i created an account to see what the excitement was all for. i didn't understand why people would want to know 'what i'm doing' right now, especially when i'm watching another episode of greys anatomy, filling up my water bottle, or doing something... unmentionable. as i started to figure out the do's and don't of twitter (to follow and to be followed; to tweet responsibly; to use #wisely) i quickly realized that non of my friends were really on it- they hadn't caught the twitter bug- and my time on twitter quickly turned into stalking others (aka- following).
fast forward to my pr class: we talked about the value of twitter and sharing information; but more importantly what you personally would use a twitter account for. do you use it for fun and sharing the randomness of life? or do you use it as a professional tool? does it share information or is it just to tell a joke? and the big one what's actually worth tweeting.
while i sat waiting to be called i looked around and wondered... do i tweet this? do people care if i'm here doing this? do i mention the conversation i overheard from the two people sitting beside me?! is it even legal to tweet in a police station?
who knows... but what i do know is that twitter for me is summed up in something our pr prof told us ... you can't take it back once you've put it out there...
i use twitter to find out info of what is going on in the world around me, but anything i add to it i want to be useful and interesting to the people who are following me, much like how i want those i follow to do for me.
it was then that i was called next... which was a good thing because the conversation beside me what starting to get good, and i was almost about to abandon my twitter motto.
judgement: if you need a criminal record check 151 is the place to go... and if you want to see what i think is worth twittering... follow me here.

Friday, September 9, 2011

in the beginning

fall marks the beginning of a lot of things. beginning of chilly evenings, beginning of school, beginning of living on a shoestring budget (again), and new for this year- the beginning of a blog.
being in crecomm *(creative communications) means a lot of stepping out of comfort-zones and putting yourself out there for all to judge. it means presentations, interviewing strangers, long days *(with even longer nights) and the dreaded auto fail, which can happen for a variety of reasons (not capitalizing proper nouns, handing in things a second late, arriving a second late, or doing something else un-crecomm like).
it also means at least a one hour long spare somewhere between classes.
so what do you do with an hour long break in downtown winnipeg? this blog explores the joys of having a moment to breath and find out exactly that. once a week for an hour a week we'll check out what this city has to offer within what i call the 1h zone (ie. things you can accomplish in a one hour spare, including travel time from the downtown red river campus, so you aren't late for class... and inevitably cause an auto fail.) 

this weeks hour break: desperate need for coffee
location: the tim hortons in the roblin centre (red river college's downtown campus)
why there: because i was pretty much stuck there all week... including breaks... welcome to college life!
budget: the $2 i had in my pocket
spent: $1.40 on a medium cup of coffee; 1 milk/1sugar.
point of interest: even if you aren't a student it is a convenient location and the service is the fastest i have ever seen in my life! you can make your way through a line that snakes down the hallway and be holding a beautiful cup of coffee on the other side in about 10 min.
 thoughts and feelings: i'll be spending so much money at tim's in the next two years- i will essentially be paying someones salary.
judgement: 10/10... clearly i will be back there again.

so with coffee in hand and a blog started up- i say here is to the next 2 years of excursions and fun... and don't worry i promise i'll get out of the building next week!