Friday, September 9, 2011

in the beginning

fall marks the beginning of a lot of things. beginning of chilly evenings, beginning of school, beginning of living on a shoestring budget (again), and new for this year- the beginning of a blog.
being in crecomm *(creative communications) means a lot of stepping out of comfort-zones and putting yourself out there for all to judge. it means presentations, interviewing strangers, long days *(with even longer nights) and the dreaded auto fail, which can happen for a variety of reasons (not capitalizing proper nouns, handing in things a second late, arriving a second late, or doing something else un-crecomm like).
it also means at least a one hour long spare somewhere between classes.
so what do you do with an hour long break in downtown winnipeg? this blog explores the joys of having a moment to breath and find out exactly that. once a week for an hour a week we'll check out what this city has to offer within what i call the 1h zone (ie. things you can accomplish in a one hour spare, including travel time from the downtown red river campus, so you aren't late for class... and inevitably cause an auto fail.) 

this weeks hour break: desperate need for coffee
location: the tim hortons in the roblin centre (red river college's downtown campus)
why there: because i was pretty much stuck there all week... including breaks... welcome to college life!
budget: the $2 i had in my pocket
spent: $1.40 on a medium cup of coffee; 1 milk/1sugar.
point of interest: even if you aren't a student it is a convenient location and the service is the fastest i have ever seen in my life! you can make your way through a line that snakes down the hallway and be holding a beautiful cup of coffee on the other side in about 10 min.
 thoughts and feelings: i'll be spending so much money at tim's in the next two years- i will essentially be paying someones salary.
judgement: 10/10... clearly i will be back there again.

so with coffee in hand and a blog started up- i say here is to the next 2 years of excursions and fun... and don't worry i promise i'll get out of the building next week!

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